Rural Pennsylvania. Suburban New York City and Washington, D.C. Urban Boston, Chicago, and Baltimore. To make a long (yet adventurous) story short, Laura knows firsthand the ins and outs of moving!

Laura’s experiences with relocating resulted in her unique ability to effortlessly put herself in her clients’ shoes, prompting a special coherence in helping her clients reach their goals. While Laura understands the obstacles of buying and selling real estate, she also understands the underrated importance of keeping the joy of moving top-of-mind. Laura is a Northern Virginia expert who loves introducing out-of-state clients to charming localities, and further experiencing the region with her local clients. Laura is undoubtedly passionate and professional, a duo that is distinctive and powerful in the real estate industry.

Shifting gears from real estate, Laura was once a competitive swimmer, focusing on her path to real estate after suffering major injuries in both shoulders. Her two pugs, Hank and Marcy, are her pride and joy! Laura enjoys her free time by reading nonfiction and historical novels, running on the W&OD trail, embracing her time with family and friends, and scavenging to find anything that she has yet to experience in Northern Virginia. She enjoys starting her day with a book in one hand, homemade cappuccino in the other, and a yoga mat by her side.